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Review: Cordskinz, no more tangled earbuds

cordskinz review

I received 2 pairs of Cordskinz to try out a couple of days ago. I chose the colors sky blue and lavander because they’re my favorite colors. I’ve always had a tangling problem with my earbuds and Cordskinz promises that my problem will be solved by using their product.

Review: Cordskinz, no more tangled earbuds

tangled earbuds

I followed the instructions printed on the packaging and installation is easy. Cordskinz comes with a “Skinner” which is a small plastic tool which I used to cover the earbud wire with Cordskinz.

Review: Cordskinz, no more tangled earbuds


I just inserted the earbud to the side, the Cordskinz to the cylinder opening then pulled the Cordskinz as instructed. Since my earbuds come with a volume control, I just cut the Cordskinz for the volume control to be exposed.

Review: Cordskinz, no more tangled earbuds

Easy to customize

Supervision from adults might be needed for youngsters who want to install the Cordskinz but it’s fairly easy to do.

Now my earbudz are tangle-free in my purse!

Cordskinz are made in the USA and comes in 11 colors: Red, White, Black, Clear, Glitter Pink, Ice Blue, Lavander, Lime Green, Neon Yellow, Sky Blue, and Smokey Clear. For each order placed, you will receive two 20-inch Cordskinz and 1 Skinner tool. Not bad for $9.99!

You may purchase Cordskinz from http://www.cordskinz.com


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